Helena Locke - Jealous Mommy

Helena Locke – Jealous Mommy

Things come to a head one morning when a horn honks outside, and it’s her friend Samantha, arriving to pick up Juan for some unspecified day to spend together. This is definitely a case of the 19-year-old stepping over the line! With Juan away, she undresses in front of her bedroom mirror, wondering if she’s still attractive to the opposite sex. She puts on sexy lingerie and is ready to put the matter to a test.
Covering herself in her robe, she visits Juan’s bedroom, and finds him down in the dumps. He reports that on his date someone kept phoning him – a nuisance that caused him to turn his phone off entirely. Samantha became turned off, figuring his mom was on his case, and Helena is shocked to hear that it was his third date with her friend, an older woman! When she questions their age difference, Juan replies:”I don’t see age. A beautiful woman is a beautiful woman”.
Helena tells him about her now “ex-friend” Samantha, her past working as a stripper to put herself through school. The conversation gets more serious when Juan reveals that Samantha thinks his mom is attracted to him, not just motherly love, but sexually. Mom backs down, and gives Juan permission to go on dating Samantha and it seems both have found an accommodation
. But late that night Juan sneaks into his mom’s bedroom while she’s fast asleep and climbs into bed next to her. He begins kissing her neck, and she wakes up, enjoying the gentle intimacy. Under the covers he’s stroking his cock and rubbing it against her bare butt, stimulating Helena. Without penetrating her, his cock rubbing between her legs causes Helena to breathe heavily and become extremely turned on. He tells mom he’s not going to see Samantha anymore, noting “It makes you really jealous'”.”I guess you know my feelings for you”, she confesses and leans over to kiss him. As they kiss, their pent-up passion for each other is released, and Helena begins to give her stepson a hand-job. Watch the taboo scene unfold…

Helena Locke - Jealous Mommy

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