Harlyn P Rose - For First-Time Diaper Users

Harlyn P Rose – For First-Time Diaper Users

I’ve found that some first-time diaper users really struggle to let go in their diaper that first time. A combination of nerves, a feeling of wrongness or unfamiliarity, and that big-boy brain trying to intrude can make it difficult.
So I made this clip for my boys who want to use their diapers for Mommy but haven’t quite managed yet. I’m sweet, gentle, and loving as I help you relax and slowly walk you through that first release.
To prepare, I want you to do the following before watching this clip: 1) Drink two full glasses of water and wait long enough that you begin to feel the pressure of a full bladder. 2) Put on a diaper.

Harlyn P Rose - For First-Time Diaper Users

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