Harley Sin - Wash Mommy Clean

Harley Sin – Wash Mommy Clean

Mommy wants you to shower with her again. She tells you not to be shy, that it’s important to her she’s very clean. She also likes it when you wash her hair and body. You help mommy wash her hair, she likes that. She gets her body all covered in soap, says you need to wash her down there now. You get on your knees, mommy wants to be sure she’s clean. She’d noticed your boner, tells you it’s nothing to be ashamed about. You rub your mommy’s soapy pussy, in between her lips. She tells you to come back up, she’ll take care of that boner for you. Mommy tells you she’s always taken care of you, know it’s your turn to take care of her. She tells you not to pretend you don’t love your cock back from where it was born. You’re about to cum but she tells you to stop. She wants you in her bed. Don’t dry off, she wants you wet to. Mommy get’s on top of you, rides you nice and slow. She drips her wet hair on your body and kisses you. She tells you she loves you. She tells you to stay still, she knows how she wants it. She takes you inside so slowly, you’re begging her now to pound her hard. She knew you would. She knew she just had to tease you slowly, until you couldn’t resist her anymore. Mommy is underneath you now, your cock is the only one she’s ever wanted. The only one that could ever satisfy her.


Harley Sin - Wash Mommy Clean

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