Harley Sin – Unsuspecting Mommy

Your mommy has had too much wine, she was just so happy you asked to spend time with her tonight, she got carried away at dinner. You put on the movie but she keeps noticing you touching her leg. She closes her eyes a minute, but wakes up when you put your hand up her dress. She asks you to stop but she can’t get your hand out of there, she’s had so much wine. She can’t believe you are fingering her pussy, but something weird happens… she gets this tingly feeling and cums all over your fingers. She is so confused, did she just cum by her own son? She thought she was dreaming. She notices your taking off your pants, you tell her it’s her fault since her pussy is so wet already. Your mommy feels guilty for cumming so she sucks your cock. You start to get up and move towards her, she asks what you are doing now… Your mommy tells you to put your cock away, that she doesn’t want this. But since she’s not wearing any panties you slide it right in. Your mommy tells you to stop but you won’t. You notice her eyes are starting to get droopy and her breath is quickening. She tells you it’s happening again, she thinks she’s going to cum again. She tells you not to cum inside her, to pull out and cum on her cunt. You both cum at the same time, she comes to a little bit and feels very guilty now. She reaches into her pussy and shows you her creamy pussy juice.. She still can’t understand what’s happened.


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