Harley Sin - Such A Good Mother

Harley Sin – Such A Good Mother

Mother has a special treat for you. She got your report card in the mail, and as a good mother, she always holds up her end of the bargain. She’ll do that thing you like so much with her mouth. Your mom sucks you and jerks you. And since you’re such a good boy, she’ll give you an extra special treat today. She’ll let you put it in her pussy. You get on top of your mother. She teases you, slowly puts your cock in her hole. She knows you love it, being back where you came from, with your own biological mom. It’s why it feels so good. Because your mother knows every cell in your body, because she grew you. Now you’re deep inside, so deep she can feel you in her womb. She tells you what you two do are a secret. Not daddy, or you sister can ever know. But your mother knows you so well. She feels your cock get HARDER when she mentions your sister. She’s noticed the way you look at her, a younger version of your mother. Maybe your sister is just as perverted as you are. Your mother asks if you want to include her? You start concocting a plan. Your mom will slowly introduce her to the idea, and once she’s ready, you can fuck her and then your mother. Your mom wants to taste her daughters pussy juice on your freshly fucked cock. Just the thought of fucking her daughter, and then your mother right after, makes your mom so horny she’s ready to cum on the spot… Oh fuck, she hears your dad coming in the drive. She tells you to cum quickly, inside so there’s no mess. Your mom hears your dad in the house, you really need to hurry up. She puts her hand over her mouth as she cums, so dad doesn’t hear. She quickly licks and sucks you one more time, and promise to get your sister ready for you .. To Be Continued..


Harley Sin - Such A Good Mother

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