Harley Sin - Mommy Takes Your Virginity

Harley Sin – Mommy Takes Your Virginity

You forgot to lock your door and your mommy walks in on your masturbating. You’re so embarrassed you think she’s going to leave but she doesn’t.. she keeps sneaking peeks at your hard cock. She decides to have a heart to heart talk with you. While she’s talking to you, she reaches over and touches your cock. It’s so sensitive, you confess you’re a virgin. Your mommy is going to help you. You don’t want to blow your load the second a real girlfriend touches you. She starts by rubbing you, and then she gets you to fuck her hand. You get really excited but she doesn’t want you to cum too quick. Your mommy takes you in her mouth. But since you’re so big, she’ll have to use her hand too. Your mommy has a surprise for you, she’s going to show you her pussy. She touches it for you. She can see you’re ready to fuck her now, but you don’t know what to do. Your mommy glides your cock into her wet pussy. She tells you not to worry, you can fuck her hard. You fuck your mommy so good she cums all over your cock XO Fantasy.


Harley Sin - Mommy Takes Your Virginity

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