Harley Sin - Mom Wants To Get Caught

Harley Sin – Mom Wants To Get Caught

My son is almost home from school and my new boyfriend wants to fool around. He keeps grabbing at my pussy, ass and tits. But I have some chores I have to do, so I keep telling him no. He doesn’t buy it though, he knows I’m interested. Every time my son is almost home from school, he wants to fuck. He keeps on me, so I finally agree. But quickly, since I know he’s on his way home. He tells me I should call him while we’re fucking. I can’t believe what he wants me to do! It’s so bad, but I secretly like it. So I call my son, while my boyfriend has me pressed up against the counter with his cock inside me. My son keeps asking why I’m out of breath, I make up excuses. We chat about day to day things, but it’s getting harder to concentrate on what he’s saying to me. He asks me if we can watch a movie when he gets home. I agree, but that I have something to finish up so he can start without me. We get dressed just in time for him to walk in the door. I find my boyfriend, in my sons room! I can’t believe it. He wants to fuck me, in my very own sons bed. He is VERY convincing. He grabs me and puts his hands up my dress. I’m still so wet from him fucking me in the kitchen, it doesn’t take much convincing. As his huge cock slides inside me, I keep looking over, thinking my son might walk in. I know my boyfriend wants him to. To see his own mother, with another mans cock balls deep inside her cunt. I know my boyfriend loves the taboo risky nature of what we’re doing, so I keep talking dirty to him. Telling him about my son catching us, seeing his mothers wet cunt. I’m so close to cumming now, but I really don’t want my son to hear us, so I cover my mouth. We both cum and I slowly ease his cock out. I can’t believe what we just did. Fucking in my own sons bed. I think my son knows something is up, but he just hasn’t confronted me yet…


Harley Sin - Mom Wants To Get Caught

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