Harley Sin - Mom Fucks Whole Family

Harley Sin – Mom Fucks Whole Family

Your mom needs to talk to you. This is going to be hard to hear, but your fathers been having an affair. She’s not upset though. Quite the opposite. You see, your mother made him a deal. He would be exclusive to her, and she wouldn’t pursue her sons. That’s right, your mother has always been with her own family. Her own brother popped her cherry, and after her mother passed, taking care of her own daddy turned into an affair that lasted for years. You’re just like her, she can tell when a man is attracted to her. It’s genetic. Your desire for the taboo is stronger than society norms. Your mommy sucks you off, and then asks to return the favour. You lick your mommy pussy, she tells you how your own daddy, your uncle and grandfather have all licked her pussy before you. She’s about to fuck you when your daddy walks in. She doesn’t care. She tells daddy he can watch. Your mommy thinks that would be excellent punishment. Your mommy fucks you. She tells you how much she’s looking forward to when your brother will be ready, she’s so close to humming now, she thinks she can be with her whole family again now that everything is out in the open XO


Harley Sin - Mom Fucks Whole Family

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