Harley Sin - Mom Cures Headache

Harley Sin – Mom Cures Headache

Your mom comes into your room and you’re still in bed. She’s impatient that you’re not ready to go. You tell her you have a headache and can’t get out of bed. She’s really insistent. You can’t miss the event today. She confesses that when she has a headache, she masturbates. You cannot believe your mother just admitted that. She tells you it’s her job t make sure you get there, so you’d better hurry up and try at least. There really isn’t time, you’ll have to do it while she’s in the room. You really don’t want to in front of your own mother, but she tells you she’ll help you. She gets onto the bed, notices it’s taking too long. She’ll help your dick get harder, she shows you her boobs. She can’t believe how big you are. She encourages you to stroke it, but it’s still taking too long. She takes her pants off, shows you her ass. Do you want to feel it? See, that’s totally helping. You’re really hard now but she needs you to cum so your headache will go away. She has so much experience, she does this for daddy all the time. She licks her hand and jerks your cock. But she thinks she’s going to have to put it in her mouth, you only have five minutes until you have to leave. Your mother tells you it’s alright that its your own mother, it feels good to have a woman suck your cock. Your mother encourages you to cum in her mouth, she swallows it up and likes the taste. Is your headache gone now? It is, she knew it would work.


Harley Sin - Mom Cures Headache

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