Harley Sin - GF Knows Your Mom Fetish - Audio Only

Harley Sin – GF Knows Your Mom Fetish – Audio Only

**Audio Only** You and your girlfriend just got back from dinner with your mom. Your girlfriend noticed how attractive your mom is, starts asking you questions that make you uncomfortable about your own mother. Your girlfriend notices but tells you it’s alright, she understands. She has a confession. She borrowed your computer, and noticed some things on your browsing history. Taboo content, especially mother and son. She knew it was an invasion of your privacy, but she was so curious. She found more content on your hard drive, pictures, stories, videos. She couldn’t help but notice all the MILF’s in the videos looked like your actual real mom. Your girlfriend doesn’t want you to feel embarrassed, she wants to explore all your kinky fetishes. She asks you to touch yourself, which she talks about you fucking your own mother. Your so hard, she knows its because she’s talking about your mom. She wants you to watch some of the videos on your computer, sound off though, because she wants you to hear her voice only. Talking to you, pretending your the son in those videos, fucking your mom. She wants to stroke you now, she wants to know if maybe the three of you went away somewhere, where no one would know you where mother and son? Where you, and your mom, could secretly flirt in public, and then return home to fuck all night? You’re so hard now, your girlfriend wants you to cum all over her face. She wants you to pretend she’s your mother, and to cum all over her pretty face. You know you want to fuck your own mom, she wants you to admit it to her. She wants to hear you say it, that you want to fuck back where you came, your own flesh. You cum a huge load all over her, and she knows it’s because of your mom. She wants to know if, maybe, she could slowly introduce your mom to the idea?


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