Happily Sweet - Mommy's Pantie Boy

Happily Sweet – Mommy’s Pantie Boy

Oh hunny.. I know it has been hard.. you feel so lonely.. Its hard to find a girlfriend! I know but its just that none of them are good enough for my boy. You are just so special and any girl dating my boy needs to be too. .. Oh you got me flowers!!!!!! See what I mean you are always thinking of your mama. Aww I love you .. YOu know.. I can help you feel less lonley.. like last time.. you remmeber our secret game… wanna play.. what coulor do you think mommys panties are today? You would love to see mommys panties wouldnt you .. Do you like when mommy teases you .. Thats right pull down those pants , pull down those boxers.. stroke to mommy. OH haha did you just see up my dress.. it is rather short isnt it? DId it excite you seeing my pink panties? Describe them to me.. oh look you are even harder.. haha you really like when you get a peep at mommys panties.. oh!!! OOps! I dropped a pen. No worries dear dont mind me just going to pick it up..you keep stroking okay?


Happily Sweet - Mommy's Pantie Boy

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