Hannah in Fetishland - Cum To Mommy - Enchantress Sahrye

Hannah in Fetishland – Cum To Mommy – Enchantress Sahrye

Junior (POV) is sitting at home doing homework at the kitchen table. Stepmom Sahrye walks in with a bag of groceries and greets you. She talks about dad being away on business this week and how school is going for you. You can’t help but feel turned on by how hot she is wearing her skin tight business skirt. You watch her. Eventually you decide you want a closer look, so you offer to help her in the kitchen. But really, you just keep checking her out while she lingers in suggestive poses absentmindedly. She goes off to change. When she comes back, she is wearing itty bitty booty shorts and a crop top. She butters you up for being such a good and helpful stepson. You are loving all the attention and how she seems to be completely oblivious to what’s going on. She accepts your help in “cleaning the kitchen”, which consists of her getting on all fours and scrubbing the floors, bending over at the waist etc. while you catch advantageous views! At some point you can’t help yourself anymore, and you bust a nut on her while she’s bent over doggy-style cleaning a cabinet. True to her oblivious form, she assumes it was cleaner you accidentally sprayed on her and lovingly tells you to be more careful next time. Then she thanks you again for being such a good boy. You watch as she walks off! Custom 2017

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Hannah in Fetishland - Cum To Mommy - Enchantress Sahrye

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