Haley Blake - Mommy Catches You In Diapers

Haley Blake – Mommy Catches You In Diapers

What happens when a young mother catches her son wearing inappropriate clothing? Mommy Haley walks into her son’s room unexpectedly and catches the young man… That’s clearly NOT underwear! He’s wearing a DIAPER, and he is obviously using them for their intended purpose. Haley confronts him about wearing a diaper, and he is embarrassed to admit he enjoys wearing them. Mommy isn’t angry; she tells him she understands. And it’s not just because she’s sympathetic and accepting- maybe there’s more to it. Obviously, she remembers when he was a baby and he wore diapers all the time. But there’s something else… Maybe it’s because his desires to wear diapers are something he inherited? Mommy Haley admits that SHE likes wearing diapers too. In fact, she shows him she’s wearing them right now! She also knows how GOOD wearing a diaper makes you feel. How good do they make you feel? Well, she shows him…


Haley Blake - Mommy Catches You In Diapers

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