Goddess Stella Sol - Mother May I Stroke

Goddess Stella Sol – Mother May I Stroke

Does Mommy make you horny? Yes! Very much. I know you like wearing Mommy’s bras and panties. My little sissy boy can’t help that he get so turned on playing dress up in Mommy’s clothes, and you’ve been found out. It’s time we talk about it openly, but don’t worry. I won’t tell. In fact you have My permission, and I want to play a little game with you called Mother May I?
While I’m doing laundry you sit back and watch Me try on different pairs of dirty panties while I encourage you to stroke. You’ve been sniffing Mommy’s panties, haven’t you? Yes. You like how Mommy’s pussy smells, don’t you. Very much so. Mommy moves so sexy, don’t I? Yes. Dressing up like a girl turns you, right. Yes. Yes. Yes. Only Mommy knows your secrets. Only Mommy can make you the hardest.
Follow along and enjoy how good Mommy is at teasing you. When Mommy says “touch your balls”, you do it. When Mommy says stroke you rub your dick for Her. When Mommy says cum, you stroke harder and faster while I tease the jizz right out of My boy.
Now be a good son and buy this clip because Mommy knows what’s best for you, and your big boy cock that’s all grown up now.

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Goddess Stella Sol - Mother May I Stroke

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