Goddess Stella Sol - JOI Lessons w/ Step Mommy

Goddess Stella Sol – JOI Lessons w/ Step Mommy

You boys have grown so obsessed with My Mommy Domme clips. You can’t get enough of the way I make you feel so young and vulnerable. I know how impressionable you are at this age and for mostly My own perverted reasons, I like to mind fuck you into only being able to cum for Me.
In this clip you play My step son and I’m your gorgeous step Mother who’s also to wicked seductress. I control you and your father so naturally, and I’ve decided to train your dick now that you’re an adult. You need to know what to do with your penis, like how to stroke it and cum under pressure, and what better way to challenge you than to have you beat off and release in front of Mommy. You must learn to please Mommy because if you can do good for Me I know I can send you into the world to please other Women. Face it, you’re a natural born submissive male put on this earth to serve Women so you might as well practice, and you’re so lucky I care to teach you too a thing or two. Be a good boy and buy this clip, watch it, and thank Mommy, like always!


Goddess Stella Sol - JOI Lessons w/ Step Mommy

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