Goddess Fiona - Mommys Good Boy JOI

Goddess Fiona – Mommys Good Boy JOI

Hi honey!. It’s your first day in college and someone is feeling a little nervous! I know the first day can be daunting, so I’m going to give you a little pep talk. I know I coddle you, I always have, but that’s the way we like it isn’t it? . You’ve always been step-mommy’s good boy, and even though you’re all grown up now, that hasn’t changed our relationship. All is well and good, but I have no idea though that my breasts were hanging out of my top the whole time we’re chatting! I am *completely* oblivious, and when I notice you staring I just innocently pull my shirt back up. You and I have a very special relationship. Anyway… it looks like there’s something hard in your pants after you watched me get changed to drop you off at school. Hey mister-I thought I asked you to turn around!!! But I can’t let you leave to college with that hard thing in your pants. So even though we’’re short on time… I want you to be a good boy and listen to step-mommy. I want you to follow all of step-mommy’s instructions, just like I’ve taught you to do. And if you’re doing a great job hunny, you’ll be rewarded! And you know what that means! – getting to see a lot of step-mommy’s sexy private parts. Be a good boy and follow my instructions, and we’ll take care of that hard thing in your pants. Ok?


Goddess Fiona - Mommys Good Boy JOI

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