Goddess Fiona - Mommas Valentine for Life

Goddess Fiona – Mommas Valentine for Life

I’m your mommy/domme and I’m at home getting ready for our valentines day date, when you arrive quickly, wondering where I’m going. Hunny what are you talking about? We ALWAYS do valentines day together! You’re crazy. You explain to me that this year u actually have a girlfriend that you’re taking out but I ignore that and continue getting ready. You help me get my nylons on as you watch my sexy silk robe open up to reveal a perfectly toned body and a peek of my bald pussy. You are stunned by your stepmom as per usual, but are too focused on what’s going on with your girlfriend to notice your moms blatant arousal. I assure you that Valentines Day, is OUR day. And no girlfriend will ever change that. I have made sure of it. Valentines Day is our anniversary for many things hunny… you’re not going to bail on me, ever. We’re always going to be each other’s valentine. So… I took care of your gf. You don’t have one anymore. I’m your new girlfriend. Because you are a little bit pathetic and need to be owned by someone like me – your super hott mommydomme who you occasionally like to fuck as well. Baybee you’re going to be MINE forever, your momma is going to own you forever in all ways, so you’d just better get used to it! Eventually your boner starts to get the best of you and I take my shot… let me suck your cock baybee boy… I’m your mom, your #1 girl, and I will ALWAYS know you best. I just love our sexy little dominating relationship sweetheart. You are ALL MINE. Always and forever!Don’t ever even think about leaving me hunny. 1. You won’t make it. And 2. No girl alive will suck and fuck you the way your super hott mommee does! Happy valentines day, my stepson lover bawbee boy.


Goddess Fiona - Mommas Valentine for Life

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