Goddess Fiona - Fall in LOVE with your Momma

Goddess Fiona – Fall in LOVE with your Momma

Porn Music Video Momma loves you, and now you will fall in love with your Momma 🙂 I want you to imagine that you’re my stepson, just hanging out with me while I get ready for a party. You’re in awe, watching Momma get ready. You can’t take your eyes off me.. and you quickly slip into a daydream… a realm where you imagine Momma in ways that you’ve never seen her before… or have you? You can’t tell what is dream or reality… but you know you want to be in this realm forever. Momma wonders what you’re thinking about in that sweet little head of yours… if only she knew…. does she? Does she know what her naughty boy is daydreaming about? Only time will tell…and only in time will you realize that you have fallen deeply in love and lust… with your one and only Momma.


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