Gartersex - step-son makes a phone AP that transforms me into a sexslut

Gartersex – step-son makes a phone AP that transforms me into a sexslut

I check on my step-son (Adam ) to ask how his project for computer class is going and I am surprised to hear he has created an AP for his phone. You’re finished already? …. I am smiling and gushing about how smart he is and he turns the AP on. Immediately a voice is commanding me to put my arms in the air. I am shocked in disbelief as without my control My arms respond. At first I am annoyed and tell him to stop…this is ridiculous I feel silly. Turn it off. I meet eye contact with my step-son and realize he has only just begun. He confides in me…. A professional AP is not going to be cheap …I am going to record you…implying he will sell the footage of me and making it clear there is nothing I am going to be able to do about it as he continues to let the AP take full control of me. I am made to take off my blouse and skirt and walk to the bed sitting down as he stares at me continuing to record me with a second phone. Told to take of my bra and make my tits bounce and jiggle and then panties too and to open my vagina, spread my ass to the camera and I am begging, gasping and crying….noooo please. I cannot even face him anymore….looking away as my body follows every command. I get onto my knees on the edge of the bed pleading with everything I have …hoping to make it stop. Asking if there is anything else I can do and to please stop recording me. Phone Voice commands me to get on my knees on the floor. I fall down to the floor …told to turn around and my step-son’s hard cock is waiting for me. I follow every command…trying NOT to but my body keeps betraying me. I am told to lick his cock head and testicles. Shocked I cry out …how can you talk to your step-mother this way? He smiles and the AP keeps commanding and controlling me. Suck my cock, finger your pussy…..I am shocked at how wet I am. The commands are relentless….make me ejaculate …and I keep sucking and finger pounding my pussy and I can tell he is about to cum. I am begging him to stop and get a mouthful of cum. Finger your pussy…..I am bouncing my pussy hard on my fingers my tits jiggling everywhere. Cum is dripping down my chin and I am out of control. Body shaking, intense orgasm and finally my son turns off the AP. I smile and whisper you know Adam I would have done anything you would have asked of me to do. You really did not have to do this….I smile coyly and say ….I love you.


Gartersex - step-son makes a phone AP that transforms me into a sexslut

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