Fiona Costello - Cuddle with Mama

Fiona Costello – Cuddle with Mama

Aweeee sweet hunny! You had a bad dream??? You had a dream that mama didn’t WANT YOU!??!?! Ohhh my poor hunny don’t worry. Nothing like that will ever happen! I will always want you and I will ALWAYS hold you and keep you safe. Don’t worry darling… here, suck on mama’s nipples for comfort while I hold you and stroke your head, my little good boy 🙂 Oh… sucking on mama’s titties has made your dick hard hunny? My sweet boy has an erection for his mama…. Well I guess we will have to play with it then. I will play with your perfect tiny penis, and then if you want to be a REALLY good boy for me… maybe you can suck on mama’s toes? Mmmm that feels so good. Then I start to get wet and you tell me you want to taste me. Ok, I wouldn’t deny my sweet boy of tasting his own mama. You are REALLY good at that! WOW! You make me cum and then of course you want to fuck mama too…. So I get your tiny penis as hard as it can get and let you try fucking me, before I ask you to pull out and make you cum with your adorable tiny penis in between my toes for a loving toe job. My sweet boy. After all of that, how on earth would I not WANT you hunny!? It was just a bad dream babe, a bad dream that fortunately turned into a loving and sexy night with your mom <3


Fiona Costello - Cuddle with Mama

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