Fifi Foxx Fantasies - Nadia White - Mom Tricked into Body Swap By Prankster Son, POV - HD 1080p

Fifi Foxx Fantasies – Nadia White – Mom Tricked into Body Swap By Prankster Son, POV – HD 1080p

“These pranks have to stop…” Mom said sternly, “they’re not funny!” You had put itching powder in Mom’s clothes just the other day, and she was scratching like crazy all day at work. “Someone thought I had, like, fleas or a skin condition!” she said frustrated.
It was true – you loved being a prankster. You had even sprayed silly string all over the trees outside, which only angered Mom more. “It has to stop,” she repeated. “No, I’m serious, you’re really making me angry.” Although Mom had told you to stop a million times before, you knew you could still get away with it.
“I’m going to ground you,” she threatened, but you didn’t take her seriously. “Oh yes I will. This is not one of those fake threats I make all the time. No TV, no going out, no nothing.” Sure, sure, Mom, whatever you say. What Mom didn’t know, though, was that you were preparing for your biggest prank yet.
You tricked her, telling her that if she touched whatever was in your hand, that you’d stop with everything – no more pranks or jokes. “What is that?” her eyes narrowed. “What are you trying to do? I don’t trust you. That thing is probably going to shock me or something – is it one of those joy buzzers?”
But she gave it a chance – you convinced her that you were being honest and genuine. As soon as she touched it, there was a blast of electricity, and the two of you fell back. “Mom, you fell for it!” you laughed. “This is the prank to end all pranks! Oh my god. What are you so mad about? You’re just stuck in my body, and I’m in your body. You can’t do anything about it. You’re the son, I’m the mom, and I’m gonna make all the rules. No one’s going to believe you at all, this is just between you and me.”
“I’m the only one that knows how to switch us back,” you said cockily. “I’m gonna take your credit cards and your car, and I’m gonna buy a bunch of stuff that you never let me have!” Oh, you were gonna have a field day with this prank. You jiggled her massive boobs in front of her, claiming that they were yours now, and that you could whatever you wanted with them.
In fact, you could do whatever you wanted with her WHOLE body. Spank it, grope it, caress it, finger it. “Oh, you’ve been so bad, Mom. Look, I’m spanking your body!” you laughed as you slapped her ass hard. You stripped off her dress, teasing and taunting her with what you were going to do next.
You fondled her beautiful tits, then laid back to play with her pussy. You masturbated right in front of her, experimenting what it was like to pleasure yourself as a girl. When you were satisfied with that, you looked up at your mom, who was beyond pissed but helplessly stuck in your body. “I have an idea, Mom,” you told her. “Since you wanna switch back so bad, I’m going to make you a little offer. I want you to fuck me. Well, fuck me with your…my dick.”
You knew what jerking off felt like, but you wanted to experience something far greater while you were inside Mom’s body. Of course she didn’t want to, but you told her that you’d stay like that forever, and she finally came around – she had no choice. “Well, you have to get my dick hard,” you explained. “How else are you going to have sex with me? Here, let me do it, I do it enough anyways.”
You sat up and stroked your own cock. “Think of this as a science experiment,” you told her. “Don’t act like you don’t like it, I know how good this feels personally. Okay, I think we are ready…”
You laid back, and although Mom was hesitant, she was more desperate to switch back. So, she stuck it in and your eyes lit up. “Ooo, I like that,” you said surprised. You were enjoying yourself until you felt something fill your pussy. “Did you just cum in me?” you asked. “Mom! That’s really gross! How could you do that? You just came in yourself with my dick. Even I don’t feel right about that.”
It’s not like Mom meant to do it – it just happened, and you sure as hell were going to give her a hard time about it. “You should be ashamed of yourself, that’s awful,” you said with a disgusted face. “Um…yeah, about that. I will get right on that…I will switch us back real soon.” You got up quickly and ran away. This prank wasn’t done just yet…


Fifi Foxx Fantasies - Nadia White - Mom Tricked into Body Swap By Prankster Son, POV - HD 1080p

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