Fifi Foxx Fantasies - Cassandra Cain - Mom?! No way! - Mom & Son Switch Bodies - HD 1080p

Fifi Foxx Fantasies – Cassandra Cain – Mom?! No way! – Mom & Son Switch Bodies – HD 1080p

He was still tired. He let out a big yawn, stretched out, then headed to the bathroom to pee. His eyes were still blurry as they attempted to adjust to the morning light. He stumbled to the toilet, pulled down his underwear, then reached for his cock, but it wasn’t there.
“What the fuck,” he panicked, his exhausted eyes now jolting wide open. He slowly crept towards the mirror to look at his body. “Mom?! No way!” he examined his familiar female reflection. He had somehow gotten into his mom’s body and she was in his. “This is not happening,” he said in disbelief, “this is too weird.”
He checked himself out in the mirror as he groped Mom’s big tits and bounced her big booty. “Holy cr*p…” he went back into the bedroom to think things over. “So, if I’m in Mom’s body, that means that I don’t have to go to school – cool! Okay, psshh…I’m not going to go to work either, I’m an adult!” He could stay at home and relax all day, watch some movies, play some video games.
“I mean, I’ll have to call into work sick…you know, be responsible…” he thought out everything. “But damn, I get to stay home! But…what do girls do?” He sat up and struggled to unfasten the bra he was wearing. “Look at these fucking melons, man!” he played with his big tits. “Whoa, I’m grabbing tits!”
He continued to examine and grope the rest of Mom’s mature body. “Oh, I can twerk!” he smiled as he shook her butt. “I’m a girl, I can twerk!” His curiosity started to grow with the more things he saw, and now he wanted to play with Mom’s lingerie. “Mm…I’m a girl, I like to go to the salon and get my hair done and get my nails done. I’m just so pretty, I want a latte, I like yoga,” he joked as he flung his long hair into the air.
He tried on some sexy pieces of lingerie, then stripped all the way down to examine “down there.” He rubbed his clit, which felt incredible, then continued to play with his mom’s pussy until he orgasmed. After that, he wasn’t too sure what to do. He knew he needed to find his mom, who was inside his body, to try and fix this – if they could fix this. If not, she’d have to teach him all about being a female adult….


Fifi Foxx Fantasies - Cassandra Cain - Mom?! No way! - Mom & Son Switch Bodies - HD 1080p

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