Epiphany Jones - 7 days of Bath Times with Mommy

Epiphany Jones – 7 days of Bath Times with Mommy

You’ve come to spend 7 days with mommy over the holidays here is what happened over those days during bath times with Mommy. 12 very different scenes filmed over 7 days during bath and shower times. Some might say you’re a bit too old now to enjoy bath time with mommy, but mommy is always doing things she shouldn’t do. It is the perfect time for bonding for us both mommy missed you so much she doesn’t even want to bath or shower without you. Mommy makes you come in to the bathroom every day. Every time you’re in the bath room with mommy she makes you sit and watch her, you such a little perv and quite enjoy seeing mommy naked and dripping wet. Mommy makes you watch her washing and touching her naked, soapy body. Sometimes Mommy even lets you come close and encourages you to touch mommy and yourself. When Mommy was shaving she made you kneel down in front of her and watch, if she saw you was enjoying it mommy would encourage you to masturbate with her. Mommy sometimes enjoys putting toys or shower bottles in her holes making you watch how to pleasure a woman. One night mommy was in the shower and making me wank while I watched her soaping up her body. Mommy then showed me how a real woman sucks cock. Mommy uses bad words that you know she shouldn’t be saying but you quite enjoy it and feel ashamed at how much you enjoy these bath times with mommy. So many wrong things have happened over these days and you know if you was to tell anyone about what happened in the bathroom over the week you would get mommy in to a lot of trouble. As a good boy you will never breathe a word of this to anybody, it will be yours and mommy’s secret. Filmed in multiple different angels, POV’s, some shower scenes, bath scenes, shaving scenes and stripping scenes.


Epiphany Jones - 7 days of Bath Times with Mommy

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