Ellie Rowyn - Mommy Drains Your Cum

Ellie Rowyn – Mommy Drains Your Cum

I have something really important I need to talk to you about. I’ve noticed for the last year or so that you’ve been watching me shower, putting clothes on, maybe even caught me doing private things like masturbating. It’s totally normal to be curious and to get hard for step-mommy. So I’m sure you’re also getting very curious about sex and what it’s like. As your step-mother, I can’t help but feel protective of you. I don’t want you to get your heartbroken and I know you have a date later tonight. But there are some things other women besides me don’t deserve. I’m the only one who truly deserves your orgasms, your cum. I’m the only one who can really take care of you. So I thought, maybe I could help you out before your date. I start to strip out of my clothes for you, making your cock nice and hard. Once I’m completely naked, I grab your cock and start to stroke it. Do you like how your cock feels in mommy’s hands? I love the way your thick, beautiful cock feels in my hands. I put your cock between my tits. I want you to really fuck them. Finally, I take your cock in my mouth and drain you of cum. Didn’t that feel amazing? I want to make sure you’re completely drained though. Lay back so mommy can slide your cock inside of her pussy. I climb on top and begin to ride you. No one can fuck you like I can. You feel so amazing inside me. I ride you harder and harder before telling you to cum inside me. Empty your balls completely for mommy.


Ellie Rowyn - Mommy Drains Your Cum

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