Dommelia - Step-Mommy's Angry

Dommelia – Step-Mommy’s Angry

Once again, I’ve found you, lying on your bed, in front of your screen, masturbating! After I gave you a second chance, as well, after all those sick fantasies you had about me, I warned you if it happened aged and you betrayed my trust, you would be severely punished and that you’d be shrunken down permanently and verbally humiliated you until you cried and shook with fear. I warned you of the consequences and now here we are. But you let your penis rule your brain, you’re clearly addicted. Why is it you have photo after photo of me, your own step-mother, all over your phone? What are you doing with all these photographs of me on your phone? Once again, you’re jotting your fantasies about me on your phone. Fantasising about being chastised by me and being punished whenever you break eye contact with me to stare at my cleavage. Plus, you also seem to have developed a fetish for me stomping my feet, you become aroused by the embarrassment you feel in my presence! What on earth is wrong with you? Is that cough syrup underneath your bed? You’ve been fantasising about my face and my cleavage, getting high on all these fantasies you have over me. If you’re so attracted to me, why don’t you jerk your cock off to me now? That’s what you’ve been writing about in all your fantasies, isn’t it? I can’t believe someone as pathetic as you could be mine, you little wussy, sissy, pathetic, little bitch! You can’t handle my words, so just jerk and cry over how pathetic you are, you’ve no idea of the punishment that’s coming your way tomorrow, you will not disobey me again, your tears will get you nowhere, let those tears stream down your face while you jerk. Whilst you live under my roof, you will never have access to pornography, Benadryll bottles. you have betrayed your step-mother and you will face the consequences. (name Gregory is used)

Dommelia - Step-Mommy's Angry
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