Doin' It While Daddy's on the Phone - Tara Tainton

Doin’ It While Daddy’s on the Phone – Tara Tainton

I can’t wait to fuck you. That’s right… I’m gonna fuck you so hard… It’s been too long. That’s why your cock is SO hard for Mommy, isn’t it. Yes, my beautiful boy, you’re gonna get exactly what you want. Oh, and how I love to tease you with my body: the only body you crave, the only body you get so hard for. You want me, don’t you. You want your Mommy so bad… and I want you to. Wait… Was that the phone? I gotta get it; it might be your father. “Hi, honey! Yes, you’re so sweet for thinking of me. I’m just… doing some household chores actually. Yes, very hard work; it’s making me sweat! (and pant… and moan…) What’s that, honey? No, no… I don’t need you home too soon. Just take your time. We’re fine here. Who? Oh, just us. Yes, he’s helping me with the chores. Oooh, ooh, ah!!!! What, honey? No, I just… hurt myself, while mopping the floor. Yes. I can’t… oooh!!!!”


Doin' It While Daddy's on the Phone - Tara Tainton

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