Do You Want To Fuck Mommy - Meana Wolf

Do You Want To Fuck Mommy – Meana Wolf

Your mom is… well she’s hot. It’s something your friends have told you all the time but you’ve never really thought of her that way. She’s just your plain old mom. But you’re becoming a man. You’re getting older…and for some reason you’re becoming possessive of her. It makes you angry as fuck when you see a guy start chatting her up in the grocery store… Or smiling at her when you guys go out to movies. You make sure you scare off any guy that tries to make a pass at her. They’re just not good enough for her.
Tonight she’s going out on a date and it’s driving you crazy. You don’t want her to go. She’s wearing a sexy black dress and you can’t help but imagine what she looks like underneath…what some loser douche bag is probably going to get to see tonight. It’s taken you this long to realize it…but you’re jealous. You’ve never seen your mom this way until this very second…that she is a beautiful strong woman that has needs. She needs to be touched. She needs a man to make her feel like the incredible woman that she is. And you want to be that man for her. You want to be the only man for her. You want to fuck your mom like she’s never been fucked before.

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Do You Want To Fuck Mommy - Meana Wolf

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