Daras Daily Taboo - Blackmailing Cheating Mommy

Daras Daily Taboo – Blackmailing Cheating Mommy

My son has been going through my phone! Ugh, he saw the photos of me and my lover and confronted me! He also read the text messages and knows it’s been months! I can’t believe this, I’m so upset and worried! I’m supposed to be having a date night with his father this evening! He’s always been a little pervert, I know he’s watched his father and I have sex before… He gets a wild idea to black mail me, otherwise he will tell his father!
What a dirty little pervert! He makes me take off my skirt, and bend over on the sofa in front of him. I can’t believe this, it’s so humiliating! And, hello?! It’s so weird! I’m his mother!! I can’t believe it! He’s getting a boner looking at me! What the hell! Now he wants me to give him a blowjob otherwise he will tell his father!
How far with this go?! He pulls his pants down and his dick is already so hard! It’s quite big to be honest… I can be proud of that… He pushes it into my mouth and I have no choice but to give him a blowjob. He pulls my top down and exposes my tits, this is getting too much for a mother to handle! He makes me take my underwear off in front of him. Then I suck his dick some more, otherwise he’ll tell his father!
Now he has bent me over on the sofa, and he starts to fuck me, hard. The phone rings… It’s his dad. I try to keep it together while I’m getting fucked and convince my husband that I’m hanging the laundry outside. I struggle to talk on the phone and then I hang up. My son flips me over onto my back and fucks me even more, nice and hard. At his age, he has such good stamina! My phone rings again, my husband didn’t believe my story… I try to keep it together while I’m on my back getting fucked by my son, and tell my husband I’m just out of breath from doing housework. He will be home so soon! My son pulls his dick out of me and lays down, now I have to ride him… Otherwise he’ll tell his father!
I fuck him and bounce on his dick, I have no choice… It does feel good at least… His father will be home any minute, and he knows it! He makes me suck his dick even more, and tells me he wants to cum in my mouth. If I say no, he will tell. I have done so much already, and I don’t want his father to find out! It would really mess everything up!
Almost immediately after he cums in my mouth, my phone rings again! It’s his dad, and this time he’s actually going to be home in 1 minute! I try to wipe the cum off my mouth and clear my throat to let him know everything is ok. I can’t believe this! What a dirty little pervert! He better not tell after all this!!


Daras Daily Taboo - Blackmailing Cheating Mommy

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