Boytoy After The Gym - Butt3rflyforU Fantasies

Boytoy After The Gym – Butt3rflyforU Fantasies

We have been going to the same gym and I have be”en noticing you watching me….staring at my huge tits popping out of my gym top and my camel toe in my yoga pants. You finally got up the courage to approach me and ask me if I need a spotter. I, of course, said sure!!! I have been watching you for weeks….fantisizing what it would feel like to have your hard, young cock in my watering mouth and dripping pussy…..We got to chatting and one thing lead to another, and I invited you to my house for some FUN!!!! I drove you, but warned you, we must be kind of fast because my husband comes home for lunch, which only gives us an hour….but you knew….you could cum all over my big tits in seconds if given the chance to be naked with me….we drove in my garage and walked into the house….your manhood was hard even before getting out of the car….I started touching you while standing in the garage…rubbing on your gym pants….I’m not used to such a well hung, hard young cock!!! OMG…..let’s go inside…..we go into my bedroom,..and I start sucking your fat cock…gagging and slobbering all over it…..I ask you to penetrate me…raw….no protection…I want to feel your shaft….I want you to fuck me….let me cream all over your hung cock, then jerk off over top of me all over my tits!!!!!! ENJOY

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Boytoy After The Gym - Butt3rflyforU Fantasies

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