Baal Eldritch - Your Step-mother is your Valentine!

Baal Eldritch – Your Step-mother is your Valentine!

You are forever your step-mom’s little son. This is your reality, this is your life. Whatever happens, your obsessive sexy step-mom will be the first. She knows that. She looks very good after all. She is a femme fatale ! You just masturbate alone when she “accidentally” comes into your room… But could it not be a coincidence? :O She says the walls are thin, and she knows what you’re doing…She’s wearing a beautiful red lingerie, and her makeup is on point as well, because she’s about to have fancy dinner… But she will stay a bit , bc she’s sorry for you. Its Valentine’s day and you are lonely! You are lonely bc you are a freak! Nobody wants you. Your girlfriends broke up with you pretty fast. Somehow you know your step-mother is the reason… She wants to be with you forever, she is aggressive and obsessive. She wants to take care of you, and she will take a good care of you today as well! She helps you masturbate, this is your Valentine’s day gift. She will instruct you, manipulate you, tease you! Your step-mom says you are weird and nobody wants to be with you. She’s the only one who really care! Immerse yourself in this abnormal and toxic taboo relationship with your beloved step-mother, and cum for her! Your Step-mother is your Valentine ! FOREVER!


Baal Eldritch - Your Step-mother is your Valentine!

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