Auriella Faen - Losing Your Virginity to Mommy

Auriella Faen – Losing Your Virginity to Mommy

As you come home from school for spring break, your mommy is so excited to see you! But then she hears you want to go to Florida with your friends during the pandemic. She forbids you from leaving and sends you to your room while she makes dinner. She soon comes to apologize for the argument, finding you working up a sweat while exercising. She sends you off to shower off the sweat that you’ve built up. That’s when she finds your hidden diary. She reads about how you have so much pent up sexual energy because you had planned on losing your virginity over spring break with your friends. You and mommy spend the rest of the day talking and you can’t take your eyes off of her breasts while she cleans or tucks you in at night. And when you wake up, you find mom kissing your lips with her bare breasts on your chest! That afternoon, you watch her while she sunbathes outside, and you help apply lotion all over her body. Both of you get aroused and near orgasm, but she stops both of you before things go further. She realizes you’ve been stealing her bras and masturbating with them. But during dinner, she has a surprise for you. Both of you share glasses of bubbly, and your mommy loses all her inhibitions when she tucks you in that night. She strips off her robe and shows you her big tits, letting you suck her nipples and brushing them up and down your chest. As she moves, your hard dick slips right into her pussy! She rides you nice and slow, being gentle for your first time. But it’s not long before you blow your load inside your mommy’s pussy. She tells you to relax and to try again, because you and mommy should cum TOGETHER. She tells you to get on top of her, and you make love to her in missionary position, working her up to her first orgasm in 20 years! She tells you to lay down and stay inside of mommy’s hot, wet pussy after you’ve coated it in your cum.


Auriella Faen - Losing Your Virginity to Mommy

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