Tipsy Mom Wants Your Cum - Vera Price

Tipsy Mom Wants Your Cum – Vera Price

Mommy seems sad for some reason. She’s sipping her grownup juice and still all done up from her date earlier. You wonder what the problem could be… no one likes seeing Mommy sad. She notices you and tries to explain, but she’s talking a little funny…
“Well, honey, ever since your father and I split, I just haven’t been able to find another man who wants to settle down. It’s not your fault at all, baby. It’s just that mommy’s getting older and she wants to be able to give you a little brother or sister and, well, it’s just not looking good.”
You can’t help but notice how pretty Mommy is lying there, how big and soft her breasts are. There’s a tingle in your pants, and suddenly she’s staring at your crotch. She gets a funny look in her eye. “Baby, do you want to help Mommy with something? Do you want to help mommy have another baby?” Before you know it, her soft hands are on your cock and her warm mouth is caressing the length of your shaft. It only gets steamier from there.

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Tipsy Mom Wants Your Cum - Vera Price

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