Your father’s family is coming over for weekend…you are not really happy about that, as you wanted to be this weekend with your mom alone…and had a very different plans then to cleaning the house with her! But promise promise!
Well, it sucks already! You slept over and you mom already did most of the staff alone. So you can’t be surprise, she is a bit nettle. But hell with that! Look at her. How she does that, even during the cleaning she is so fucking sexy. No, no…stop…no kinky fantasies!
At least what you can do is hold the ladder for her, as she is asking for this favor. You are the man in the house, there is nothing you’ll not do for her.
Fuck…you really try to hold it and keep her safe, but is it more difficult then you thought. From this angel you have amazing view at mommy’s perfect ass, on her fat pussy covered in satin panties! It’s like torture! Keep it together, keep it together…to late…you are rock hard already and you are not able to concentrate, even to hold the fucking ladder. And in that moment your mom realize you pushing your head between her legs! Bad timing?!
Your mom starts to argue with you, how that even possible, you are already so rock hard…unbelievable. So you try to come out with the good lie, but with hard cock, is quite difficult. Your phone, your phone is in your pocket, that’s what it is!!! Not your cock! But your mother knows, you are very bad liar! She just take down your pants…and…voila! Your hard cock is just pointing straight on her!
But your mother reacting completely different, then what you expect! And coming up with the perfect solution for both of you! As you always getting what you want…you got that from your mother…she offer you the perv deal! She will help you with your big, hard trouble and for exchange…you’ll finish the house cleaning for her.
Of course you jump on her offer! You just want mommy to make you cum, to suck your cock and eat your seed. You love when she does that! This day will not be so bad at all. Staring with amazing mommy’s blow job! She take softly your cock kissing him with her full lips just before she take him deep inside her mouth. And then just blow you and play with her tongue all over your cock! Only MOM making you feel this way!

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You seeing your mother is being strange, and sad. But you didn’t had chance to bring up the conversation about it until now.
You look at your mom and she is so stunning, so beautiful and you love her so much! You want her to be happy. And it’s been long time since your father left so you are now the man in the house, so you have to take care of your mommy too!
So you ask, what is going on with her. ,, Nothing my baby boy, everything is fine. You don’t have to worry about your mommy. ,, She try to protect you and not making you worry about her but you decided, you will find out and make your mom feel better!
And finally! Your mom starts to share her feelings with you! She feels lonely? ,, Listen son, don’t misunderstand what mommy means, of course I have you and you are always around…but mommy missing….well this not something I should talk about with my son…it’s so weird! ,,
,, It’s just…your mommy is still quite young and attractive woman, don’t you think? And there are the situation, when I miss a man. The touches, the sensual heat, kissing,….yeah…sex!!! It is so embarrassing to discuss this with you my baby boy! ,,
BUT THAT’S IT!!! You moment to comforting your mom and finally…have her for your self and your self only, make love to her!!! Go ON!!!
You come close to your mom and give her a nice long hug…just to make her feel you are there for her! She finds it very sweet of you but she don’T know yet, what your plan is! So you softly slide with your hands on mommy’s boobs…and that’s surprise her! ,, That’s no the thing I mean my son…is no…you are my son and you shouldn’t!!! Aha…no it feels real nice…real good! Oh my God…no…mommy wants you to continue my baby boy!
And mommy is yours NOW!!! You rubbing her pussy and find out she is not wearing any panties under her pantyhose…so hot…make you rock hard! You kissing her neck and make her nice juicy…you can feel how her pantyhose getting wet…her pussy juice is all over them! You want…you want to eat her beautiful pussy! Mommy take off her pantyhose and spread her legs for her son…to lick and eat her pussy! Delicious!!! And she is fucking juicy and ready for her son take take her like a man…like her lover!!! You stick your hard cock inside her…it’s so easy…you just slide in her! Feel amazing fucking your mom’s pussy!!!
She loves it, adores her son’s cock! Now she sit over you and ride your cock. You grab and kiss her beautiful boobs. You cock is hard like never in your life! Yes, yes…you fucking your mother!!! And it’s so great!!! Even better then in your dreams!!! You need to make her cum, make her scream and goading with her son!!! So you go harder and more intense. Deeper in your mother pussy and…more, more, more! Yes…there…your mother is cumming!!! She is so beautiful, her face during the orgasm and fuck…squirt her pussy juice all over your cock…make you explode all, all your seed inside her pussy!!!
She hold your face, look at you so full of love…yes…your mother…is now yours and only yours FOREVER!!!

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Good morning my baby boy! Time to wake up and get ready. Come on…out of the bed. What is wrong darling…why you want me to leave before you get out of the bed?! Tell me…I’m your mom and you can tell me anything!
Oh…I understand…there is nothing wrong with the morning erection. The young man like you…it’s completely normal….I’ll be worry if it’s not like this. But..but…what? Come my my baby…tell me. I’s because I have erotic dreams…well…I have to say good for you my son. What is it baby…why don’t you want to look at me? Then just tell me, maybe mommy could help you with it. Don’T be shy…what did you dream about?
ME, you had erotic dreams about your mom! Well…I don’t know what to say baby. No, not at all…why did you think I’ll up said with you! You know that mommy loves you more then anything else in the world!!!
Well, because I told me your secret…mommy tells you hers…do you want? You know, since your father left it was very difficult for me…but only one thing helps me to go through it…you my baby…you my son! I love you so, so much…and since that accident…come one…you know what I’m talking about…well…when I saw you taking shower…since seeing your beautiful young body and your…well…very, very nice size cock…I start to dream about you too.
So now you know….mommy has also erotic dreams about you…my son!!! all the secrets are not secrets any more…there is only one thing…what we can do…to make us make feel better…oh…so much better! Let’s our dreams make true!
Come here my baby…touch mommy and let me feel you. I want you as my lover…yes my son…I want you to taste and eat my pussy…to feel how wet you made mommy and then…I want to feel you inside me…make my pussy full with your beautiful hard cock my sweet baby boy! And when we both ready…to cum…together…mommy …yes…after you made love to your mom for the first time…just cum inside me…cum inside your mother and make me feel your warm seed my baby boy!!!
You are amazing my son…I think..we just find the solution for your morning erection and mommy’s desires of her baby boy.

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You always here for me. for your sexy, glamour GODDESS. You are so deeply in love with me, so I become to be your addiction. I ‘m your life, your world, your sun…your only desire.
And you always cover me with all presents, all your devotion, all material things you think the special, very special woman ….the only woman on the world needs.
And now…time for your GODDESS to show her most devoted man how she appreciate him!
But first and very important question?! Are you ready to cross this line? The line of your devotion to the line of adoring? To line of GODDESS worshiping?
I had to ask…as YOU will be the luckiest man in the world…the only man who will touch and feel and love and adore his GODDESS. The only ONE who will be mine!


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Good morning my baby boy! Mommy surprise you this morning…not just with the breakfast in bed…but she is dressed in your favorite satin rope and under white satin nighty. And….well….as you were dreaming about your mom all those erotic things tonight…..your cock is rock hard! Yeah….your mom just realize that too! Wow….my baby….again you dreamed about your mommy…some naughty things!
You’re lucky now….your dad is not home….so this all day is just our! Let mommy see that treasure you have there my son! Mmmm…..mommy will take car of your morning erection my sweet baby! just taking your cock in my hands…moving nice and slowly…..just the way you like it my baby! Blow you and make your cock wet….and…ready for mommy’s wet pussy….Stay calm baby…mommy will now ride you! Deep inside my worm pussy…is so wet there my son….you made me so! Mmmm……I know….you love my satin….then feel it…..all over you.
Let mommy rubbing all your body with that silky satin my baby! Yeah….hold my butt son….cover in satin and push mommy against your hard cock!!! Ohhh….yes…baby……mommy is coming…yes my son! Mmmm…..and now my baby boy….cum inside mommy’s satin nighty! Good boy! Now ….eat your breakfast son….if you want to keep all day with mommy and her pussy….you need to be strong by baby!

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Your mom starts to be quite fed up with you! You don’t do anything around the house and you never help there! And now, she has to even put your clothes on the place?! As you spend all day watching your computer?! You are not a little boy any more! You should do something around, she says!!!
Until now, she didn’t had idea, you doing something around the house…something your mom should never find out. You sitting all day at your lap top, because of your secret GoPro cameras installation and watching you mom…actually snooping on your mommy. In he shower, how she rubs the lotion all over her, how she getting dressed and other perv staff. And every single night you jerk off your cock thinking about your mom., about her incredible body! About your lust for your own mom!
Bad, bad, unlucky day for you!!! When mommy put your clothes on the place…she just find it! Find you secret camera, with lot of staff on it!!! And she stays in shock!!! Her son, her baby boy…it’s snooping her!!! As as much your mom loves you…in this moment she hates you the same way! You never thought about the consequences!!! Will be fatal for you my baby boy!!!
Your mom is just sitting in the living room and waiting for you!!! It’s not going to end well! But maybe…if you apologize…your mommy loves you so much and she’ll forgive you!
,,Really?!!! You really thought that will be so easy!,, No my son…there is nothing you could do to fix this!!! You broke your mom privacy!!! You had your fun?! Your entertainment, now mommy will have hers!
Take off your clothes! I said…that off all your clothes my son! You saw me all nude…now I want the same!!! Come on…not so fun any more, is it!!!
But this is just beginning of your mom’s revenge!!! I give you all my love, all my life…you my son…you were everything for me and I just wanted to made you happy! this is over now!!! Time for mommy to have some fun too! I will tease you and make your cock grow…and then denial you my son!!!
You want to feel mommy’s body, mommy’s perfect boobs….just to hold them and feel them and play with mommy’s breast? Come here…come my son…closer…closer! Then your mother hold your face and denial YOU! Never…you will never touch your mother!!!
And this…poor baby…is just beginning of your Mother’s tease & denial punishment!!!

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I know my darling, you’ve been waiting for so…so…so long! But I bought NEW YOGA pants and I think, you will love them!
I also took some yoga lessons, so now I’m ready to tease you properly! Make you so horny with my yoga positions, with my new yoga pants, will all breathing and sweating during the hottest yoga time, you ever spend with me!!!
And with me…you don’t have to be shy…I know and I love your secret! I know, you only watching yoga in TV because it make you so fucking horny…the butts in yoga pants. So tight…so pretty…so sexy! And that’s why I’m here baby! I always want to keep you lusty! And for that reason…I wear my new, tight yoga pants! I want to turns you on first, tease you and then…ohhh baby…making you feel my yoga pants all over your hard, swollen cock!
Get ready for most intense yoga ride ever!!! I want you to cum and made nice and messy my yoga pants with your warm seed my darling!!!

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You always love the clothes, nice dresses, cat walks, simply all about the fashion! And you love to watching woman to getting dressed…switching clothes, putting on jeans, pants, silk blouses and skirts, belts, high heels and every little detail …Just making special ,,cat walk only for you!
I know you DO!!! And when you wanted ME to do all the clothes fetish dressing…I couldn’t say no to you!
Here is the time for clothes tease! And you…you have to choose just the perfect combination for me…for very sexy lady!
Would you accept this challenge?

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Thank you so much my baby boy!!! You were so sweet to take and come with me shopping today! Now I’m glad I’ve payed for your driving license my son. But you could help me even more…of course just if you want.
What about I’m trying and putting on my new jeans and you tell mommy, witch one is better…hahaha…very funny…but kind of…yes. I want my son tell me in witch jeans mommy’s butt looks irresistible.
First let me take of the pantyhose and let’s do the jeans judgment…wait…wait…wait…why are you look at me like this??? What??? Well, that’s very cute of you, to telling your mom, that she has perfect ass even with out the pants…just remember…you are my son. Mommy loves you like nobody in the world…but…well…back to jeans my baby boy!!!
So this is the one…what do you think??? Should I put on the other too? Right…
Now…what you think about this one??? Turning around then you can have better view…so??? What do you think???
Oh my gosh…I think…watching your pants my baby…I do have winning jeans. I didn’t had idea, you have such a fetish for jeans…wow…what??? Oh…I got it now…you have oppression for mommy in jeans!
What should I say my baby…you were so sweet and so passionate with your mommy today…so…there is only one thing mommy could do. Come here my baby…my son…come and touch mommy’s jeans…give me your hand and feel mommy. So warm around mommy’s pussy…I know you do my son! Just take of your pants and let mommy blow you…feel your beautiful…young cock and then…of course my baby boy….you’ll fuck mommy’s jeans…feel them and rubbing your cock so hard on them until you cum…until you messed my new jeans with your seed!!!
NO?! Really??? You will cum one more time? You could not have enough….well, well, well…good reason to have young man for pleasure…mommy will remember that!!! But this time my baby…you should messed other site of mommy’s jeans…yeah…kinky…cum my baby…cum all over mommy’s butt!!!

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My babyboy, you have no idea, how happy you made me that you could arrived! That you come back from the college in such a short notice! NO, NO my baby…mommy is fine…don’t worry I’m not sick…well…but there is something I really need from you my son!
I know is going to sounds crazy…but…you know mommy misses you so fucking much since you are so far…since you are in college. I know we having some fun on – line…but it’s just not the same. I miss your touch, your hands all over me, your cock!!! Ohh baby…mommy love you so much! But the problem is…Your father! He comes more and more often to me…since you left he trying to have sex with your mommy all the time! He wants baby from me!!! You understand…what I need from you my baby?!!
Even if I try…I can’t get pregnant…probably because I never have orgasm with you father and only reason I’m with him is you my son!!! And now…if I don’t get pregnant soon…your father told me, he will think about divorce and I’ll never see you any more! You know, he was always suspicious about us!!! Any way…I will not let that happen!!! I will never loose son, my love!!!
And for this reason…I need you, I need your young, fresh seed my baby boy!!! I want to have a baby…but your baby!!! And to make sure…we will made the baby I need to take it to the sperm bank and make sure…mommy will be pregnant soon…having my son’s baby!!! Of course…this is going to be the biggest secret between us!!!
Come on baby…I know you missed mommy’s lips….mommy’s wet…warm pussy!!! You know how good mommy making you feel!!! And this time I’ll pleased you even more…to make you cum the big one!!! To make your young seed mine my baby boy!!!

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