Fancy finding you here…. after all these years. What? I don’t look that old? Well, thank you. I’m not THAT much older than you, you know. You’re just my little brother’s best friend. And… I always had a crush on you. Yes, it’s true! I swear. He’s such a nerd, and you’re… the athletic one. You had a crush on me too? Hey… I think the toilet’s available now… do you wanna… just chat in there?? Come on… you know you want to! I know that look in your eye… and I’ve always wanted to know just what you’re packing in your pants. Don’t make me beg for it… I want to FUCK you. I wanna get off, I wanna suck… I wanna handle your cock and… Oh, it’s huge!! I knew it! Oh, … my fianc’s calling! I have to take this… no, keep fucking me!!! He’s on his way over… we better be quick. Fuck me hard, make me come… before we get caught!

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Your step mother knows you desire her. She teases you with this information by flirting with you but fucking your friend instead. Today she’s really rubbing your nose in it by stroking your friends cock right in front of you. How humiliating! Yet, despite how she treats you you’re still so aroused by her you put up with it. You’re becoming your own step mothers cuckold!

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You wanna watch your Mommy get fucked by another man? Would you rather watch him fuck her fast and hard from behind, or watch her bouncing up and down on his cock while you watch- loving every minute of it.
Well, it’s time to find out.
Be a good boy and watch Mommy get off.


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This is the full and complete series of Mom And Son Share A Changing Room, it stars Helena Price. you can buy all 5 parts here at a discount!

Mom And Son Share A Dressing Room Part 1:
I was out past curfew again this week and my parents said i was grounded for a month, so that also meant i couldn’t be left alone either. so that meant on Saturday when i was it the kitchen playing on my phone. a phone i wasn’t suppose to have and mom walked in and i knew i was gonna catch some crap. she took the phone and said she was going shopping and i had to come with her. i complained but it didn’t work. when we got to moms favorite store in the mall mom actual made me go in the changing room with her! i was so pissed and tried to argue but she wouldn’t hear it, so in the changing room i went. once she closed the curtain she maid me sit on the chair and put my hand over my eyes while she stripped to her bra and panties. i decided to take a peek and holy crap did i like what i saw! i never moms body was so nice, i couldn’t stop looking through my fingers, she kept making sure my hands were cover my face but she never noticed me peeking. after she stripped and modeled the outfits for me twice she made her decision and said we were all done/ she told me shops every Saturday so don’t be surprised if she makes me cum with her, now im kinda looking forward to shopping with mom!

Mom And Son Share A Dressing Room Part 2:
it was Saturday again and my mom told me had a party that her and dad were going to tonight. she said she needed a new dress and since i was still grounded i had to go with her again. i complained but at the same time i was little excited. after she picked some outfits she made me go in the dressing room with her again, once in there she had me cover my eyes while she got undressed. i peeked like last time and popped a huge boner, she told me i could look and i told her i liked the outfit. she said she did too and was just gonna wear it out, i told her i couldn’t leave yet and she asked why. i kinda looked down at my boner through the pants, mo was shocked but i did notice she stared longer then she should have. she ask me how i normally make it go away and i told her with some lotion and hard work. there was no way i could walk out a dressing room with a boner and what made matter even worse was the line of people out side waiting for a free room to use. mom gave me some lotion from her purse and told me to take care of it while she kept watch, now i was shocked but mom kept rushing me so i got to work! its a weird feeling jerking off in a changing room with your nearly naked mom watching the door to make sure you dont get caught. she kept say hurry and would look back to see if im done but i notice when she would look. she tended to let her gaze linger on my cock. i told her i was gonna cum and she grab some tissue out of her purse for me to not to make a mess. we bot got dress and mom and a naughty little smile on her face. i cant wait for our next shopping trip!

Mom And Son Share A Dressing Room part 3:
It was Saturday morning and i was trying to stay in bed all day until my mom walked into my room. she told me to wake up, she said since i was still grounded i needed to come with her. i tried to argue but in the end i kinda wanted to go and see what fun we would have this week in the changing room. i had my hands over my eyes while mom was changing, i asked if she was almost done. she asked why and wanted to know if i was having my “problem” again. she was just wearing her panties and a shirt but im sure she knew i was peeking. so i just dropped my hand down to my rock hard cock and squeezed it. mom just rolled her eyes and got the lotion out of her purse. she put a few drops in my hand and told me to hurry up while she kept watch. after a few minutes she asked if i was almost dine to which i said no. then she really shocked me and she walked over and dropped down between my legs and grabbed my dick. mom started stroking like a pro, i came all over my moms sweet hands and then we got dressed and left. i cant wait for our shopping trip next week!

Mom And Son Share A Dressing Room Part 4:
I was getting excited because my time being grounded was almost over, i was ready to be free again. the only thing i was gonna miss was the dressing room fun id been having with my mom, i found myself looking forward to our Saturday shopping trips. this Saturday morning i was in the bathroom brushing my teeth when mom came in and told me to get ready because we were going shopping again. i pretended to be upset then she said she needed to try in some lingerie, that got me excited so i said id get ready. in the dressing room mom model a couple of different outfits, when she was ready to changing out of the last one she looked down at my dick through my pants and noticed my boner. she pointed it out and ask if i was having my problem? while at the same time she took her top off and was just standing there in her bra and panties, i tried to cover my eyes but she said she didn’t care if i looked. she knew i couldn’t walk with my hard on so she told me to take it out and take care of it. once my dick was out i asked her for some lotion that she always had in her purse. she told me she didn’t have any, i asked what i was suppose to do? there was no way i was gonna jerk off dry, i told her i need something wet and most to help take care of my boner. we heard people outside the waiting room and mom got nervous. with out batting an eye mom dropped down between my legs, grabbed my dick and started sucking me off! she was moaning and spitting the whole time she was giving me a blowjob, with her going that hard it didn’t take me long to come in her mouth!

Mom And Son Share A Changing Room Part 5:
I was finally done being grounded and i thought my mom was gonna let me enjoy a Saturday relaxing. right when i sat down on the couch to watch tv mom walked in and said i need to go shopping, it was almost back to school time and i needed new clothes. once we got to the store mom said i need new underwear so she got some plus some stuff for her and we headed to the dressing room. once in side mom started stripping and she just let me watch, once she was naked she urged me to try on my underwear. once i was naked i tried on my underwear but i couldn’t pull them up all the way because of my ragging boner. i told mom i couldn’t pull them up so she dropped to her knees to try and help, she got really close and pulled harder. i leaned forward and slipped my cock into her mouth and she just started sucking. she pulled my underwear down and sucked my cock like a good mother should. i laid down on the dressing room floor and mom lowered herself down on top of me and started bouncing. i creampied my beautiful mom in the dressing that day!

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I can hear your heels clicking as you walk in and you say somthing like “what are you doing in here hmmm? You being a dirty little pervert? Playing with mommys cock again? Your thinking about me aren’t you? Don’t you lie to me!!! I’ve caught you plenty of times staring at Mommy with that swollen dick in your pants, I know you have a taste for mommys feet and you love it when I wear my heels don’t you honey? Found your cum in mommys heels multiple times, I even wear them out because it makes mommys pussy so wet knowing her little baby boy gets so crazy over his momma “stuff like that continue to Joi me with somewhat of a dominant yet sensual all at the same time. talk about being fucked by other men “mommys a little slut, she likes to go out and get fucked by a bunch of men suCking on all their cocks as they mount mommy at the same time” slutty things like that. Talk about me fucking mommy as well. Call your self mommy alot please. Talk about your feet and your heels as well fairly often. I want this to be really dirty. Around 6 minutes in talk about slipping my dick into mommys warm wet beautiful pussy. Instruct me to masturbate to you. “You want mommy to help you cum? Hmmm?” “You’re mommy’s naughty boy”…Mandy Flores

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“Hello son. Do you know why I asked you in here? OK, listen, I found your porn. No, don’t apologise, everyone watches porn. The problem is the type of porn you were watching. Maybe this is my fault, I should have explained this to you sooner. But you’re what we call a whiteboi. Whitebois like you should not be watching videos of other whitebois fucking girls. That is not your place. You need to be watching women get fucked by BBC.” I show you some interracial porn and tell you to take your cock out and start jerking off to it. I give you JOI while telling you all about how white girls deserve big n1gger dick, not worthless white cock. I tell you that whitebois should stay celibate throughout their lives, because we do not need their genes breeding. I even call you some names and get a little mean.
“Do you want to see why we deserve black dick, son?” I strip off and cover my body in oil, making it look so shiny and sexy. I take out a tiny (2.5 inch) white dildo, and an absolutely massive black dildo (17.5 inches long, 7.5 inches circumference). “This is my favourite toy, son. The little white one looks just like your dick, and I can barely feel it. But this huge black dildo stretches me out so wide and fills me up so deep.” I stroke, suck and titty-fuck the huge black dildo, comparing it to the white one. Eventually I sit on top of the 17.5 inch monster and slide about 3 inches of it inside me. I bounce up and down on it, telling you how incredible it feels compared to the tiny worthless white dick. “See son? Why would I have the white one, when I can have this huge n1gger dick?”


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CONTINUING “DOMME MOMMY” ADVENTURES……You are quietly sitting behind your mommy’s bedroom door, playing with your small “willy” and listening to her have sex with one of her lovers. You hear your mom’s loud moaning, she is saying to fuck her harder, and it makes you so hard…You love when your mommy has one of her boyfriends come over so you can hide and listen to their “sex”. You are just a curious cuckold son. You are excited seeing your mom being pleased by different men, but what you are most excited about is her STUD boyfriends.
The moaning stop and she walks out the bedroom discovering you hiding behind her door with your penis out, erect and stroking it. “OMG! what are you doing here? I told you the rules. When mommy has one of her special guests you need to be in your room with earplugs. Instead you are being a dirty little boy jerking of to your mommy having sex”. After scolding you about your naughty behavior, your mommy calms down and talks calmly about your sexual fantasies. She discovers that it turns your on that mommy has a boyfriend with big cock, and you have dreams about bisexual experiences. Being a loving mother she is, she decides to invite you in the bedroom and teach you how to suck her boyfriend’s cock…”He doesn’t mind!”. There’s no one better than your own mommy to teach you proper way to please a man. You ill do whatever your mommy says because she is your everything.
In the next scene , you are on your knees with her boyfriend’s cock right in front of you (POV virtual blowjob). “Oh you are drooling honey, don’t be nervous, i know you want mommy to teach you how to suck dick, especially my boyfriend’s dick”. Mommy grabs cock and slowly teases you, telling you all about how juicy his cock is and what a good little cuckold son you will become once you know how to please her lovers. She makes you suck his cock but she is too greedy to let you get his creamy cum shot first. After she finishes her boyfriend herself and gets a huge load in her mouth she turns around and says those magic words: “Come here , sweetie, try my lover’s cum. Have you ever tried a snowball? Let me spit it in your mouth….Put your lips on mommy’s lips….”
In the final scene you are fed lover’s load, but mommy sees you have a huge hard on. She knows how much you loved it. Without hesitation, she tell you to drop your pants down and stroke in front of her and her lover. She tease you with her sexy lingerie, her hot ass and of course the dirtiest talk you have ever heard your DOMME MOMMY say. Now, are you ready to please “your mommy”?

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You want to be mommy’s sissy cuckold son…You love when your domme mommy brings different men in the house and fucks them while you are hiding in the closet, playing with your little cock. It turns you on seeing your hot mommy being filled up by lots of different partners. You love it so much that now you are dreaming of cleaning your mommy’s used pussy after she has sex.
The scene starts with me (your domme mommy) getting ready to go on the date. I am applying my make up and talking to you at the same time, telling you all about my hot dates and how you became my submissive sissy cuckold son. “You know your mommy is pretty promiscuous and horny. After your daddy left you’ve been seeing different men in this house. How do you think i make money? Yes, some men pay with to have sex with them. I know you’ve been hiding in the closets and spying on me while i am in my bedroom being pleased by another man. You need to step this up and become my sissy clean up boy. I pay for everything in this house, so it’s time for you to serve mommy.”
In the next scene i am telling you to hide in the closet because one of my lovers is about to come in to have sex with me. I walk you over to the closet and tell you to sit there and not make a peep. “If you are a good boy for mommy, i will let you slurp up your first load! I know you are a sissy boy and i know you love watching me fuck”
In the next scene you are quietly sitting in the closet (POV cuckold view). You hear the knock on the door , some conversation then you see your mommy get down doggy style and start fucking. Then she lays on her back, moaning and enjoying another cock. (Virtual POV fucking). You can’t believe you are watching your hot mom having sex while you are in the same room, listening to her moaning, the smell of her pussy lingering in the room and you can barely keep it together in your pants.
In the final scene my lover pays me and leaves. I walk over to my son hiding in the closet and show him a delicious condom that he is going to devour. After he does everything i command him to do i will allow him to play with his cuckold sissy dick and eat his own cum for mommy.


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You need Domme Mommy in your life, momma’s boy. Someone who can give you proper punishment, someone you can please, someone who gives you purpose, someone who is still accepting of your sissy fag choices. I am glad you are home. There’s something i need to talk to you about. I found a receipt from a lingerie store. I know you don’t have a girlfriend, so why did you shop there? Later i found pink garter, pink sissy panties, stockings in your room. Are you a total sissy boy? OMG! I always thought you would be on a football team, into sports, cars…But instead you became this sissy little fag boy who runs around in pink lingerie when i am not home.
You think you know everything about sissy lifestyle? Oh you must be delusional! If you want to be a sissy boy that means you have to SUCK DICKS, you have to take it up your sissy boy ASSHOLE, you have to swallow LOADS. You didn’t think of that, did you? DOn’t worry, i will not leave you hanging. You will be the best sissy boy there is, with Mommy’s proper training.
I will tell you all about what sissy boys do. Plus, i have your step-daddy’s huge loads that i saved from our hot sex last night. YOU WILL BE DRINKING THEM! You know your step-daddy is a total Alpha. He has suspicions of you being a little fag boy too. One of his loads will go in your mouth, the other one goes in your little slutty ass. I will use it as a lube to fuck you with my big strap-on. Ready to please mommy’s big dick? Bend over, my sweet boy! You will get the best training of your life! Once i am done with you, you will tell me how much you enjoy being a sissy boy and if you still want to continue such faggot lifestyle. LOVE, MOMMY.


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