Pt.1 Mommy’s Little Helper – Baby, don’t just stare at me, come help me stretch. I don’t care if you think yoga is stupid… You better watch your tone mister, I’m still your Mother… All you ever want to do is have sex and Mommy’s pussy is sore right now. Stop whining, I don’t want to have sex, I want you to work out with me… Son, stop pulling down Mommy’s pants… Okay fine, but just for a minute and then we’re going to finish working out… – pt.2 In The Dark – Mom, what are you doing up? It’s late. What if Dad saw you like this? Don’t say that, you don’t know that for sure… But I’m here for you no matter what. Mom, stop it. I didn’t mean it like that… That was a long time ago. I have a girlfriend now… Mom, you know we shouldn’t start doing this again…. – pt.3 Mother’s Touch – Relax… Son it’s fine. He’s asleep. We’ll be quiet… Your Father won’t hear us. I know you want this. Doesn’t Mommy’s pussy feel good? We don’t have to pretend that we don’t need this. Son, you’re right where you belong… That’s right baby, let your Mother make it all better…. ***Starring Ashley Fires & REAL creampie from her son***

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I’ve always wanted a girl that was crazy about me, but my girlfriend, Cherie is taking that to a whole new level. She knocks on my door and I was surprised to see her. Did I ever give her the address to my step-mom’s house? How does she know where I live? These thoughts run through my mind as she invites herself in. My step-mom is coming home in a couple hours and she used to hate it when I would bring friends over unannounced. I try to be polite and make a little casual conversation with her about the house that I grew up in, but she wanted to take a tour.

I hear myself stutter and I try to pull it together. I always stutter when I get nervous, “oh of course. but maybe another day?” Perfect, I kept it simple! Cherie turned her back to me and walked towards the hallway to my step-mother’s bedroom.
“Oh I have plenty of time.. Is this your mom’s bedroom?”
“Yeah. She notices if I go in there, I don’t know how she does it.” I hope Cherie takes the hint but she walks through the door and plops down on my step-mother’s perfectly made bed. My step-mom’s the type to iron her sheets, place the pillows just so, she’s a total neat freak. I cringe as I see Cherie’s bring her stilleto heels on my mother’s brushed satin duvet cover.
“Eww.. pink,” she sneers and shrugs, “I guess most women love pink.” Her eyes glance towards me, can she tell I am having a total panic attack? “The bed is comfortable though,” she shimmies her body under the covers.
“Woah.. hey!”
Cherie sits up on her knees, she pulls my body next to hers. Her perfect breasts pressed against my chest, her warm breath whispering in my ear, “have you ever fucked in your parents bed?”
I stutter, again.. I am so nervous, but so turned on, “no.. of course not”
“It’s so naughty, so hot. Let me show you.”
I can’t believe Cherie. Weren’t older women supposed to be mature and elegant? She wants to fuck me like some 18 year old hormonal girl in my step-mom’s bed? “What’s into you lately?!”
She kisses me and all the frustration I had towards her melts away. She is a goddess. Cherie purrs, “I always wanted to turn a good boy bad” I laugh, she has me. I’m totally her’s. She looks at me with hunger, “Take off my clothes, fuck me like a dirty whore on your mother’s bed.”

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I’m grateful for my step-mom and my dad, they’ve welcomed me back into my house when I lost my job. I’m trying to pull my life back together and just started working on a brand new business endeavor. I’m on the phone when my partner asks me to send over some files and meet him at the coffee shoppe in 15 minutes, “alright,” I tell him enthusiastically, “I’ll be there in ten!” I open my laptop to see a porn playing! I slap the screen down, confused.. I know that’s not something I would watch, and besides, now that I am living back home again, I make sure to hide my porn “just in case.” I start to wonder if my dad would have went in my room to watch that porn, how bizarre, why would he do that? He’s never done that, so who would?

I go downstairs and see my beautiful mother washing the dishes, the sun shining through her blonde hair makes her glow like an angel. I shake off the thought of how stunning she is, I have to get to the bottom of this. “My Dad wouldn’t have gone in my room, would he?”
Cherie turns around, she’s wearing a dress, she never wears dresses to do the housekeeping. “No, he knows how you like your privacy”
“and you..?
“Well yes.. but only to vacuum and clean your windows. I know you don’t want anyone in your room sweetheart but I’ve asked you to clean your windows three times now. If the neighbors see we have filthy windows what do you suppose they will think?”
I feel myself cringe. She’s always thinking of “what others will think,” it drives me nuts, fucking nuts. Why did I move back in?
Cherie continues , “it’s a reflection of my housekeeping, baby, and I will not have Mrs. Snider thinking I am a lazy woman. You know how judgmental the Sniders are, the last time she came over she looked around commented on the breadcrumbs on the toaster, and told me cleanliness is Godliness”
I try not to roll my eyes. I have to make sure she sees me as an adult. I puff my chest out and begin to lay down the law, “I appreciate you guys letting me stay back home until I get back on my feet, really I do, but I have to ask that you give me my own space.”
“C’mon baby.. you’re 23 years old now. What could possibly be going on in your room that you need to keep secret? Are you up to something that we would disapprove of?
I fold my arms, this woman is guilty as sin, “I think someone opened up my laptop.”
She looks away and swallows. That’s it, I know she did it. I lean forward and ask, “did you open up my laptop?”
Cherie nods, “I may have.. but not to snoop on you or anything. I just wanted to… ” she hesitates and looks up to the ceiling, as if the lie will fall down on top of her,”shop online at Lavish Lady. I knew your father would disapprove. I couldn’t figure out how to erase the history on our machine so I used yours.”
“So you opened up my computer and shopped at Lavish Lady? That was it?” My phone began to buzz, it’s my partner. I didn’t realize the time had passed and here I am fighting with my step-mother. Yeah, this is just like old times. I tell her we’ll finish the conversation later.

The next day I come home from work. I walk up the stairs and see Cherie with her hand in her shorts, her face looks as if she is in ecstasy, her nipples are hard through her cotton Summer top. “Busted!”

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I totally forgot what day it was when I came home from work and saw my gorgeous step-mother dressed up. She was surprised that I forgot, she doesn’t know I’ve had my mind on a girl from work. It’s easy to forget what day of the week it is when Cherie is on my mind, remembering a holiday is next to impossible.
Mom and I celebrate what we call ‘our Independence Day.’ My dad was bad news growing up and I convinced her to leave him. It’s kind of a crazy story, but back then our first Independence Day was special, exciting, like a chance to start our lives over. We went out to a dinner the night we were on our own at a place we definitely couldn’t afford, and now we do it every year.
Cherie calls me, “Wow, that’s sweet, really lovely. Ty.. I don’t want to seem selfish but are you sure your little dinner date with your mom will take your entire night? I want you so bad right now. If you come over, I’ll only need an hour or two tops”
“God I wish I could come over your place but I can’t, she’s already made reservations at some French place. I’ll make it up to you.. promise.
Cherie, “now that sounds hot.”

We went out to dinner and danced all night. Mom looked like an angel, and I knew most everyone thought she was my girlfriend. I’ve got to admit that I love it. She’s quite possibly the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, and she stands out like a movie star in our small town. When I drove her home she was so exhausted.
Alexis, “Oh, how am I going to make it up the stairs? I’ll just sleep on the couch.” I put a pillow under her head.
“My boy, my sweetheart. You’re so good to me.”
“Can I ask you.. why.. why did you never date after dad left us?”
Alexis exhales dreamily with her eyes closed, “I don’t know, honey. I was so busy working back then.”
“I know guys hit on you all the time, half of the time they don’t even have the decency to hide it from me.”
Alexis open an eye, “You sound a little jealous. What if I had had a beau?”
“No, you’ve got me all wrong. I think everyone should find love. And now, I’m older, I just landed an amazing job, I’ll be moving out soon. I want you to have someone,” I think of Cherie. My new girlfriend who I’m beginning to fall for.
Alexis touches my face, her voice sounded disappointed, “well I knew someday you’d find love and leave the nest.”
“I’m not leaving you, just leaving this house”
It was then that she started to drift asleep. I saw her panties as she shifted her leg over the sofa pillow. Sheer, white, delicious.. wait.. is it a little fucked up to be turned on? I know it is. It was then I heard her snoring. I turned around and started to leave, and my step-mother cooed “Yes, Tyler.. touch me.. please.”
I turned around, her eyes are shut. She was dreaming.
“Your folks won’t be home tonight, baby.. just take off your clothes.”
I leaned down close to her ear and whispered, “what are you dreaming about?”
She moaned in pleasure.
The unspeakable things that I could have done. I will not. I was not raised to take advantage of a woman, especially her. I went to bed with thoughts whirling through my mind, so dirty, so confusing. I went to bed when the sun was starting to come up. It was a late night, and she definitely made it difficult to fall asleep.
Watch the story unfold..

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I found a video camera in the second hand shoppe and thought why not use it as a video diary? Dr. Powell believes a diary will help with my stress & my fugue disorder, and I really hope he’s right. I’ve been experiencing memory loss every since my stepson and I got into a car accident. He seems to be perfectly fine, but I tend to lose big chunks of the day. I forget conversations, and what I need to do, sometimes I become conscious when I’m washing dishes and the hot water scalds my skin. Dr. Powell had me on medication but they all had terrible side effects and didn’t seem to work well anyway. I’m not supposed to drive anymore, so Tyler has moved back in with me. He’s been such a help with chores.
Since this diary is just for me I want to confess a secret, something I really need to get off my chest, something so shameful that I can’t even admit to my psychiatrist. I want to sleep with Tyler. I’m obsessed with the idea of it. I’m always look for an opportunity to see him undressed, I try to conveniently walk in when I think he’s just gotten out of the shower, and I’ve placed a webcam in his bedroom hoping to catch him satisfying himself. I’ve found myself dropping little hints that I’m attracted to him. I play out silly role-play scenarios in my mind that lead to us passionately making love, but when I try to enact them in real life, they never seem to go as planned.
One evening my webcam died. My stress has been pretty intense and my amnesia is kicking in. I forgot to change the batteries. I was so disappointed because I know Tyler was in there for a suspiciously long time. And so I had to see what he was up to? Talking to a girl? Jerking off? I snuck in his room and opened his laptop. I meant to check emails, his Facebook, but as soon as I opened the screen a porn started playing. It was an older woman, my age, a blonde with long wavy hair having sex with a young man his age. I watched the porn over and over. I kept wondering out of all the porn he could watch, why would he watch this theme. Did he also have suppressed fantasies? It gave me hope and courage to be less subtle with my flirtations and see how he reacts.

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Son, what are you doing hiding in here? It’s your birthday. Why aren’t you having fun with your friends? Is something wrong? Maybe you should try talking to her again. Is there something else?.. Honey, I’m your mother, you can tell me anything…

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