Taboo Triangle ep.3 - Krissy Lynn

Taboo Triangle ep.3 – Krissy Lynn

Chad can’t keep his mind off of his step-mother. His father is still away on business and he’s taken full advantage of the time alone with Krissy. Krissy is less certain about their relationship with Chad. She married his father because he was a good man.. sure he’s not the most exciting or romantic, but he’s predictable, and committed.
Her husband’s commitment is what bothers her the most. They said their vows, “till do us part,” and Chad was the ring bearer, little Jill was the flower girl. Their wedding was the happiest day of her life, and now she’s drifting apart from him for no apparent reason at all other than sinful lust. Chad will walk by her without his shirt off, and she will think, “my God.. that is a real man,” as if her husband could never measure up to him physically. Her behavior does not match her morals, and she can never be happy unless she ends it. She will go into his bedroom and tell him that it can no longer go on.

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Taboo Triangle ep.3 - Krissy Lynn

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