SATINFUN TABOO - MOM & SONs intimate moments X

SATINFUN TABOO – MOM & SONs intimate moments X

There had been many long nights. My girlfriend had just broken up with me and obviously I was very upset. I was in between my finals and I was now living at home with my mom. My parents had gotten divorced many years ago when I was little and my mom hasn’t remarried yet. Maybe in the future, but she doesn’t seem to go out and date or anything so I don’t know.Anyway, turning in bed, I looked at the clock; 3am. Damn, this is gonna be a long night I thought to myself. There was no point in just laying in bed and staring at the ceiling so I figured I’d go out to the living room to watch some TV. I only sleep in my boxer-briefs and being 3am, I never thought to put anything else on.I made my way out to the living room and as I started getting to the end of the hall, I saw the flickering light of the TV. I wasn’t sure why it was on, surely my mom couldn’t be up at this hour. I figured that she had probably just left it on. As I got out to the living room, from the light on the TV I saw my mom sitting on the couch in a black satin robe and white silk nightie…She looked stunning.I walked up to the couch and just said, “Hey mom, mind if I join you?”She looked surprised to see me, but said, “Sure hun, come snuggle up with mommy.”I sat down next to her, “I couldn’t sleep. What are you doing up?””Same as you” She smiled.”So whatcha watching this late at night?”She looked and sounded a little Tipsy and replied, “Oh just some old movie”.So we both sit together and enjoy this intimate and awkward moment where both of us dont say a word but we both say so much just with simple the way she keeps pressing up against me and the way I cant help myself but feel her smooth silky lingerie over her thighs and body, I dont think she minds because she now has her hand on my cock!!!…

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SATINFUN TABOO - MOM & SONs intimate moments X

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